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Q & A with The Other Place Director Clark Carmichael 

The Other Place sounds dramatic and maybe a bit ominous. Is there humor in the story or should I prepare to bring Kleenex?


Clark: There is definitely some humor in the play, but... bring Kleenex.


The show played on Broadway just this year. Has The Other Place changed since then or have you had to adapt anything for Dreamcatcher?


Clark: The play has not changed from the New York production. Our performance space is different, so some moments will occur in different places on stage; but the story and script are the same.


Has Sharr White written anything else I might have heard of?


Clark: You might have heard of Annapurna or The Snow Geese, opening at Manhattan Theatre Club October 1.


As a long-time member of Dreamcatcher’s resident acting ensemble we’re used to seeing you onstage as an actor. Is this your first time directing?


Clark: This is indeed my professional directorial debut! I have a masters in acting and directing but this is my first directing gig since college. I still consider myself an actor first but thought I might like to give it a try with some good friends. I love this play and Laura was kind enough to give me a shot at it.


We loved you as the religious neurotic boyfriend in Blood: A Comedy. Where else might we have seen you perform?


Clark: Recently I worked at Virginia Stage Company, Irish Rep, and Shakespeare Theatre of NJ. You also might have seen me on the third episode of “House of Cards.”


Is The Other Place appropriate for kids? What ages?


Clark: The Other Place is not really appropriate for kids younger than high school, about age 15. There’s quite a bit of strong language, and the subject material probably wouldn’t be entertaining to younger teens.

Director Clark Carmichael

Clark directing a table read of The Other Place

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