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Senior Outreach: Bringing Theatre to You


We have many wonderful programs to offer you as part of our theatre outreach. Enrich your programming with a dynamic theatrical performance perfectly suited to your organization and your resources. Bring Vivid Stage’s team of theatre professionals to your doorstep, where your group can personally experience the magic of live theatre.


Vivid offers three dramatic performances and many musical performance options that have delighted audiences across the state over many years. We offer these programs as part of our mission, to build community by sharing stories in an intimate environment. We believe that through the immediacy of human interaction, the arts can be used to build empathy and self-confidence and simply to spread joy.

For rates and booking information, give us a call at 908-514-9654

or email us at


Adapted by Laura Ekstrand

From a book by Jan Slepian














Audiences have been enjoying this clever exploration of aging with humor and grace since 2011. Adapted from a book of essays written by nonagenarian Jan Slepian, this staged reading is performed by three actresses who bring to life the experience of getting older, from the ridiculous to the sublime. 


“If you think that the excitement and the newness of something coming along are long gone, then I want you to listen and be heartened by this.”

-The New York Times

How To Be Old:

A Beginner’s Guide

Adapted by Laura Ekstrand

From a book by Jan Slepian














The second in the series of reflections on the later years adapted from the writing of Jan Slepian, this play takes us through a step-by-step lesson on how to navigate the sometimes tricky journey through an enlightened old age. Brought to you by the same wonderful cast who perform Astonishment, the play includes lighthearted ruminations on the difficulty of such ordinary routines as getting in and out of cars, mastering technology, and finding matching socks. Also explored are the heartbreak of losing a spouse and the pleasure of remembering street games and penny candy, among many other topics.


 ​​"How To Be Old: A Beginner's Guide" ​ is four star entertainment designed perfectly for the "young at heart."

-Rick Busciglio,


At 93

Adapted by Laura Ekstrand

From a book by Jan Slepian











“At Ninety-Three” is an adaptation of the poetry of Jan Slepian, who continued to publish her work until her recent passing at 95 years of age. Her latest books of poetry, Jellybeans in Space and The Other Shoe, are shaped into a theatrical experience performed by a cast of three veteran actresses. This is a rare and vivid peek into the colorful life of an elder artist who has a lot to say about the experience of looking back, looking forward, and looking around her.


A funny, touching and insightful tapestry of poetry that communicates the personal yet universal journey into later years.


Vivid Cabaret:

Your Favorite Songs from the Past to the Present


Take this opportunity to bring an exciting theatrical presentation to your community that will entertain and delight. The VIVID CABARET is a 45-minute cabaret show with live piano designed around the theme you choose—or you can choose from among the many cabarets we’ve already prepared! Past titles include A Musical State of Mind, Sentimental Journey: the 1940s, and From Broadway to the Silver Screen and many more!

We can even bring lyric sheets for sing-a-longs if you’d like!


“The songs you chose were different, funny, and thoughtful.”

-Barb Miller, Ocean County Retired Educators Association


“Everyone who attended loved the great singing, selection of songs, and the warmth and wit you all shared with us.”

-Phyllis Kalb, South Orange Public Library




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