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School Workshops

EDUCATORS! PARENTS! STUDENTS! Vivid Stage is now offering a wide range of educational programming that can come right to you! Vivid offers these programs as part of our mission, to enrich the lives of young people through theatre, both through training and through participation. We seek to expose theatergoers and students to ideas and lives like and unlike our own, with the intention of awakening their imaginations and creating empathy for others.
Just a few benefits of theatre education are:
• Greater confidence in public speaking
• Experience in team-building and collaboration
• A creative approach to exploring academic subjects
We understand that each school is unique and will tailor each program to your needs and resources.
For more information on any of these programs, contact us at, or call 908-514-9654.

Education Outreach Menu


Musical Theatre Workshop


The Musical Theatre Workshop is an exciting workshop in which students learn all of the facets to becoming a triple threat performer: acting, singing and dancing. The workshop is broken down into these three different performance skills with a different educator specializing in each. The students experience a jam-packed session of song, dance and acting that will culminate in a performance at the end of the workshop.
Improvisation Workshop


A specialty among the Vivid team, the Improvisation Workshop teaches students the art of improvisational acting. The workshop focuses on two forms of improvisation: comedy improv and acting technique improv. It is a fun, hands-on learning experience that includes exciting games to help students learn the invaluable skill of “in-the-moment” acting.
Audition Technique Workshop


The Audition Technique Workshop is a crucial learning aid for students to build confidence when walking into future auditions. This workshop goes over the three most important skills needed for common auditions including the preparation of the perfect audition monologue, how to conquer a “cold reading” and how to approach a “meet and greet” situation. Students will gain a poise and self-assurance that will help them, not only in auditions, but in life.
Directing Workshop


The Directing Workshop is an interactive workshop for those who would like a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes process any director must go through when putting on a production. The students will have the opportunity to learn the many skills needed by a director and some of the many exercises used to assist the actors in order to shape the best of productions.
Acting Technique Workshop


In the acting world, there are many different styles of acting and many different exercises to help an actor get into character. The Acting Technique Workshop introduces students to these skills and the methods that build them. The workshop focuses on technique, scene study and vocal and physical preparation. This is a useful tool for budding actors to get in touch with their voice and body, a necessity for all actors.
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