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Ways to be Happy

Ways To Be Happy Audio Play Audio Play.j
by David Lee White

Originally scheduled for production in the spring of 2020, Ways to be Happy has come to life as an audio play. This comedy about chasing our inalienable right covers multiple locations using listeners’ imaginations and the lively sound design of Jeff Knapp. Darting from a convenience store to a cabin in the woods to a theme park, Maddie and the unusual people she meets are searching for happiness. Does it exist? Or is the world fundamentally rigged? The recording can now be purchased for download below.

Once you make your payment, a link will be emailed to you. Then, just download the recording within 72 hours and you own it!

Cast & Creative Team
Harry Patrick Christian* as Peter Penguin & Barry
Noreen Farley* as Doreen
Becca McLarty as Maddie
Scott McGowan* as Longhofer
Jason Szamreta* as Charly
Emaline Williams* as Claire

Director: Laura Ekstrand*

Sound Designer: Jeff Knapp

Playwright:  David Lee White

* member of the Dreamcatcher ensemble

member of the Actors' Equity

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