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3 Episodes of The Flip Side: 
Virtual Improv

Available now for your enjoyment

Since April 1, 2020, The Flip Side, the improvisational comedy troupe of Dreamcatcher Repertory Theatre has been Under Quarantine along with all our audience. But we did not forget you since we need you as much as we like to think you need us. Scroll down and you can watch (or rewatch!) the three Under Quarantine Improv shows still available.
A great middle of the night snack and much lower in calories.
Aired Friday, May 29 @8pm

A Digital Benefit Performance for Bridges.

The Flip Side Under Quarantine 2
Aired Friday, April 24 @8pm
You can also watch:
The Flip Side: Under Quarantine 1
The Flip Side Under Quarantine 1
Aired Wednesday, April 1 @8pm
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