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Multiple Personality Disorder

Check us out!

Are you intrigued but hesitant to commit? Come see Multiple Personality Disorder onstage at one of our twice annual public performances.

About public performances

Improv To Go

Multiple Personality Disorder will bring its unique brand of nutty comedy directly to your doorstep!

Call us,

beep us,

if you want to reach us!

Our number is
(908) 514-9654,
or email us at

Multiple Personality Disorder is the improvisational comedy troupe of Dreamcatcher Repertory Theatre. MPD has been performing as a group since 2002 under the direction of professional improv master Dave Maulbeck. The troupe's unpredictable shows are always packed with laughs from start to finish.


Multiple Personality Disorder performs improvisational comedy sketches like those seen on the popular television show, “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and uses audience input to shape the scenes that the actors instantly create onstage. Performers use ingredients such as everyday objects, strange maladies, and unusual circumstances to cook up unconventional mini-plays that appear and disappear before your eyes.


With Improv to Go, Dreamcatcher will custom-create a unique improv show for your special event, using the themes and details you provide. Their performance will entertain and delight your guests in a totally original way!



Prices vary according to length of performance, travel, and number of performers.

Who wouldn’t want these people at their next event?

Parties? Try us. We would love to come perform at your birthday, retirement, anniversary, bar mitzvah, or graduation parties. We can even tailor the event to you and your audience. Kids? No problem, we can do a G-rated show. Want to spice it up with a little adult humor? We got you!


Corporate Events? No problem! We can spice up your trainings, office parties, or anything you want! We know how to work a room (literally) and can add some flavor to your annual gathering or potentially humdrum training days.


Our show can last from 30-75 minutes and we can design the content to suit your audience. It’s all up to you (You’ve got the power…sorry, song references excite us).


Corporate Training? We can also help you with innovative, interactive workshops to train your employees in skills like becoming better listeners, collaboration, creativity and spontaneity, public speaking, and much, much more. Improv is not just entertainment; it can be used as a tool to introduce and practice countless techniques that will benefit your entire organization. Your employees and colleagues will participate in a hands-on learning experience they’ll never forget!

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