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Dead and Buried

In this dark comedy set in a small New England town at Halloween, 18-year-old Perdue finds a job in a place most people wouldn't even consider: the local graveyard. Bid, the taciturn former Marine who runs the cemetery, hires Perdue because she unexpectedly touches Bid's heart. Bid's young assistant Robbie has gleaned most of his knowledge of manhood from the pages of Maxim. By play's end, each of their searches for what they've lost ends when they find one another instead.

"A show that is as hysterically funny as it is weightily dramatic as it is spookily supernatural." (The Rogue Critic, Detroit)

Dead and Buried by James McLindom
by James McLindon
September 27 - October 14, 2018

A behind-the-scene look with Laura Ekstrand



Thursday, September 27: 8pm

Friday, September 28: 8pm

Saturday, September 29: 8pm

Sunday, September 30: 2pm


Friday, October 5: 8pm

Saturday, October 6: 8pm

Sunday, October 7: 2pm


Friday, October 12: 8pm

Saturday, October 13: 8pm

Sunday, October 14: 2pm



September 27

Preview performance, all seats $20

September 28

Opening night, post-show reception

September 30

Senior Sunday, all senior tickets $20

Free post-show talkback


October 7

Free post-show talkback

2018 Cast of Dead and Buried
Cast & Creative Team


Philipe Abiyouness as Robbie

Noreen Farley* as Bid

Stephanie Windland as Perdue

Director: Laura Ekstrand

Stage Manager: Harry Patrick Christian*†

Assistant Stage Manager: Rebecca Sorkin

Set designer: Dave Maulbeck*

Lighting designer: Zach Pizza

Sound designer: Jeff Knapp

Playwright:  James McLindon

* member of the Dreamcatcher ensemble

member of the Actors' Equity

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