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Dave Maubeck
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DAVE MAULBECK has been with Vivid Stage since 2003. He is an entertainment artist and member of the Screen Actors Guild. Dave has starred in several commercials, including the Super Bowl Ad - Groundhog Day, for truTV, and as the Polish Polisher for Burger King. With film, credits include the evil Dr. Wily in Megaman and the main character in Dracula Goes to Camp. In 2007 Dave co-founded Chicken Scoop Productions where he executive produced several spec pilots, music videos, and web series. He has been developing animation projects with BEHIND the BAG! Productions, where he is co-creator and illustrator of The Kinetix, a comic book series featuring high school superheroes whose powers derive from their respective disabilities. In 2023, Dave received the New Jersey Theatre Alliance’s Curtain Call Award of Excellence. At Vivid Stage, Dave is the Director of Improv and Host of The Flip Side Improv Shows, as well as the director of multimedia work, producing the company podcast, web series, and other video projects. He is the Executive Producer of 'Jacqueline Remembers All of This,' the company's first feature film. Dave lives in South Orange NJ with his wife Maribeth and their two kids. More about his work can be found at


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